Lloyd Snowdon

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by / on 21 May 2019

Lloyd Snowdon

Lloyd is a passionate scientist and academic professor who has dedicated his entire career to conducting extensive research and driving innovation in the realms of geochemistry and geology. Lloyd is motivated by a simple but profound mandate: to apply the best geoscience possible to provide the best solutions possible. With an adept understanding of the exploration, exploitation, environmental, and forensics challenges faced by corporations, research institutions, and regulatory agencies today, Lloyd delivers real-world value by working collaboratively with stakeholders to overcome limitations and break down barriers.

Placing an emphasis on driving progress through science, Lloyd leverages his extensive expertise and bold perspective to offer unique insights and identify compelling opportunities that can empower corporations to build a better energy industry for future generations.

“Applying the best geoscience possible to provide applicable, real-world solutions is our goal. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify gaps and promote understanding of the various approaches they can leverage to enhance their competitive positive or knowledge base.”