Haiping Huang

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by / on 21 May 2019

Haiping Huang

Haiping brings over 20 years of experience in the petroleum and geoscience space to the LysisLogic team, and serves as a Professor at both the University of Calgary and China University of Geosciences. He offers a deep understanding of petroleum system characterization and petroleum reservoir fluids, having worked extensively with oil and gas corporations, national research foundations, and other academic institutions on a wide-range of interdisciplinary projects. Notably, Haiping has contributed to several cutting-edge research projects, including the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for In Situ Energy, Carbon Management Canada, and a myriad of other industry-sponsored projects.

Haiping has published over 100 academic papers, presented research at dozens of prestigious conferences, and has created 3 patents based on his research findings. He brings a methodical, analytical, and goal-oriented approach to projects, with an innate ability to connect ideas and apply research to solve real-world challenges.

“At LysisLogic Energy, understanding our clients’ needs is our core priority. Through our expertise and collaborative processes, we deliver practical applications backed by academically-outstanding research to help solve the complex problems facing today’s petroleum exploration industry.”