Welcome to LysisLogic Energy!

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by [Renzo Silva]/ on 13 May 2021

Welcome to LysisLogic Energy!

Welcome to LysisLogic Energy!

The petroleum exploration and production sector, and more generally, the whole energy industry, has faced very important transitions over the past decade:

  • Only a few oil companies now maintain and operate significant research facilities in-house.
  • Much of academia has slowly transitioned away from carrying out petroleum-related research in general.
  • The larger oil service companies acquired many small and medium enterprises (SME) that had been developing new methods and tools for industry. Other SME’s have closed their doors.
  • Climate change realities have brought much attention to the need for reducing the carbon load in the atmosphere and this is being now driven aggressively by the finance and insurance industries.
  • There is an ever-increasing environmental and political pressure driving industry and society to move the focus of energy resources beyond the fossil fuel era. This includes ideation, and increasingly action, around using geoscience and engineering expertise from industry in ways beyond traditional hydrocarbon use, and as routes to hydrogen, geothermal, CO2 storage, collateral resource plays in critical minerals, and others.

We run our business focused on filling these gaps, and we are thrilled with the opportunities and challenges ahead of us! Our team at LysisLogic Energy was nested in academia when the company was born, and we all shared the same vision that acting beyond the borders of academic research is imperative. The granular competence of our team is our unique expertise in complex matter transformations, over geological or short time scales, and a broad background in rapid technology scoping and development. It serves us well to provide solutions to large-scale carbon management and energy transition challenges. Within LysisLogic and its multi-pronged startup-like structure, we have a unique opportunity to nurture technology development and offer our expertise in geosciences, analytical instrumentation, data science, and innovation approaches for a broader energy transition audience.

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