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Who is LysisLogic Energy?

LysisLogic Energy was founded in 2019 as a spin-off company from the PRG - Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary. We are a team of innovators, geologists, geochemists, technologists, and modellers dedicated to developing advanced technologies and tools for the evolving energy industry.

OUR APPROACH: We combine analysis, modeling, experimental design, and creative thinking to study and assess reservoir systems for storage of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and other subsurface opportunities. Our driving force is innovation, which pushes us to excel in our field and tackle the most pressing challenges in the energy transition.

RAPID INNOVATION & CLIENT VALUE: We understand that many important questions in the oil and gas industry remain unanswered. Our ability to develop and test ideas rapidly enables us to accelerate time-to-value for our clients. We seek out and apply cutting-edge tools and technologies to address large-scale resource and carbon management challenges, creating customized solutions for a sustainable future.

Our Solutions

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GeoNap Tracker

Leverage absolute residence time assessments of petroleum fluids to gain a better understanding of fluid migration in petroleum and other fluid storage plays.

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Reservoir modelling

Challenge existing assumptions, derive new insights, and leverage your geochemical and system modelling information to optimize your subsurface reservoir system strategies.

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Experience our premier service for comprehensive insights into subsurface technologies, illuminating R&D gaps, and guiding impactful resource allocation in the energy transition landscape.

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Custom solutions

Solve complex challenges and understand key opportunities with a tailor-made solution built for your unique use case.

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Unlock the potential of your reservoired fluids with our data-driven solutions, expertise and innovation.

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Our team brings the proficiency, curiosity and pragmatism needed to develop innovative and useful solutions to the problems and opportunities facing today’s companies.



Steve Larter

Petroleum Geologist | Brings visionary leadership, extensive experience, and a passion for driving sustainable energy solutions to the team.

Renzo Silva

Scientist | Contributes technical expertise, creative problem-solving, and a genuine enthusiasm for innovative geochemistry and data projects.

Lloyd Snowdon

Scientist | Offers in-depth geoscience and chemistry knowledge, a collaborative mindset, and a commitment to delivering real-world impact.

Haiping Huang

Scientist | Provides a wealth of petroleum geoscience experience, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a focus on practical applications for the industry.

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by [Renzo Silva Steve Larter]/ on 02 May 2023

Caprock integrity for CO2 storage

The fight against climate change requires innovative solutions, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology has become increasingly vital to reduce atmospheric CO2 load.

by [Renzo Silva]/ on 13 May 2021

Introducing LysisLogic Energy

Introducing LysisLogic Energy, a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for large-scale carbon management and energy transition challenges.